Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Pictures

We have our wedding pictures!

Renee Vick was our wonderful wedding photographer! You can see more pictures at and our password is "hannah". The pictures also feature some of our other wonderful vendors! We recommend every single one of them to anyone who is looking for someone in their line of business!

Wedding Cake:
Best tasing cakes in the world! Also, as you can see in the pictures, very beautiful!
Catering/ Venue:
Sisters Catering Company-
The 360 view on their webpage is of our wedding reception set-up!
Great Band! They play all of the songs that I love to dance to! They also make a great addition to the decor!
The English Garden Florist-
Everything they do is beautiful and she really helps you find flowers you will like on a budget you will like too!

Favor/ Candy Table:

The wonderful and lovely women in my family volunteered to do the favor table. So many of them pitched in and bough, made and decorated candy for the table! Thank you!

I Have the Best Husband!

At our house I am typically the meal planner/ preparer and Wor does the dishes (amongst many other household chores). Sometimes I put together fairly mediocre meals, actually I put quite a few of those together especially considering most people think of me as a great cook! Now my husband is wonderful but also a big liar! Here is my example: Last night we had just gotten home and I needed to figure out what to pack for us for lunch today. So I had bought a ton of Rice-A-Roni on sale and decided to make riceangna which is a recipe I made up as a teenager that really does not resemble rice- lasangna at all, but hey that's what came to my mind when I made it. I also popped some frozen chicken nuggets in the oven to go along with the riceangna. Needless to say, not one of my better meals ( the vote is still on pulled pork taco's with homemade pico de gallo for that, yum!!!!). But when I text my dear hubby and say "was lunch too awful?" He of course texts back and assures me that it was very yummy and seemed concerned that I did not think so also. See what I mean? He is either a liar or has no tastebuds!

In other news, I got a haircut! It is super duper short. I am giving Wor a haircut tonight, despit his protests that he really doesn't think it is that long or doesn't notice it being that long. The kittens are getting very big and we are becoming very attached to them (and we think they are getting attached to us also). Ross graduated from the police academy this past week and I really really enjoyed getting to go see him graduate and we are all SOOO proud of him. He will make a great police officer!


Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok so we finally got the cord for my camera last night and now I can post some oh so cute pictures of our new baby kittens.


Mr. Darcy (front) and Mr. Bingley (back)

So those pictures were taken the night we got them and they have bulked up a litte (or a lot in Bingley's case). They are cute, sweet and full of trouble. We are having to use baby gates and boxes all over the place to keep them out of things.

So besides kittens, in my free time (typically not much of it) I have been reading Julie and Julia and have to say I am sorely disappointed in this book. The author has the most awful sailors mouth ever and has the mind of a teenage boy hopped up on hormones. I honestly wonder how anyone could see this as a good movie making book. I will, however, see the movie because I have formed an attachment to Julia Child (and her wonderful pie crust recipe) and no director in their right minds would have stuck to the story that this lady wrote. Not to mention I have heard that Meryle Streep is absolutely wonderful in it. But if it disappoints me as much as the book has, I will surely let you know.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So 11 days after we got married we decided to embark on our first parenting adventure...we are now the proud parents of 2 adorable 7 week old kittens. For months I kept trying to downplay the responsibility that kittens will be to Wor, he never had a pet growing up and seemed to go at this responsibility as though we were expecting a baby. Now that we have the kittens...I am totally right there with him on that. The are cute but you really do have to watch them every single second, especially when you have 2 of them because they like to get into trouble together. So here we are now kitten proffing our house which we are now noticing has a lot of dangerous places for kittens to go. It is all worth it because they are so sweet and cute! They are both male orange tabbies. Mr. Darcy is completely orange and Mr. Bingley has white paws and is a bit chubby. I promise to post pictures soon as Wor finds the USB cord for his camera or the one I ordered for mine comes. Also, I suppose we will need internet at our house before I can do that, my faith in UPS delivering our modem is starting to deminish, however.