Friday, September 18, 2009


The past few weeks have been chocked full of busy-ness (yes I know that is not a word...thank you spell checker). We invited Wor's family to come down and stay with us starting tonight and then promptly realized that the guest bedroom/ bathroom were still in shambles. This is my definition of shambles: Half peeled wallpaper, no mirror with gapping hole in the wall in place of a mirror, light fixture hanging/ needing to be replaced, toilet bowl but no toilet tank, guest bed laying on the floor, guest bedroom full of boxes, no pictures hung in the house and kitten toys scattered EVERYWHERE. As I am writing I am proud to post that the bathroom has been primed and painted, there is a whole toilet in there along with the bathroom hardware installed, a new light fixture secured firmly to the wall, a mirror on the wall (yes it is hiding the gapping hole) bed is on a box spring AND bedframe, the only box is one with stuff we are giving to Wor's parents, pictures are hung, floors are clean (every surface in my house for that matter is clean) and the kitten toys are still EVERYWHERE. All this on top of Wor working overtime most of that time, me studying for midterms on top of working (yes apparently teachers now consider the end of September to be the middle of the term) and managing to get thank you cards written, but not sent out yet because somehow we could do everything else but not install a printer so we could print return address labels idea. So yes, I am ready to have my first house guest of my life! I will try and take a few pictures of the house and post them since not many people have seen the house looking like someone actually could live in it.

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  1. Yay for being productive! That has to feel good. I love having people over because it forces me to be clean and organized, at least they're in our apt. We're in the middle of having 3 people stay with us in less than a week: a family friend from Cali who's interviewing for dental school at UNC Thurs & Fri night, Meredith Sat night because she's coming to Stake Conference, and Tim on Monday night. Now that's what I call getting the most out of my cleaning!