Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Been Months

So I realized the other day that it has been forever since I updated this blog. Maybe it's because I am just not motivated to write about life in general anymore. I discovered food blogs last fall and have really enjoyed perusing the recipes and BEAUTIFUL pictures. I really don't have to ponder what to cook these days. I have to restrain myself.

All these beautiful food blogs have really inspired me. In the past few months the itch to start my own has really become unbearable. I need to design one (I might just have to ask Mary for some help on that), buy a good camera and actually learn something about photography. But as exams are quickly food blog itch will just have to wait for a bit.

But for other news in life:

We bought a new car! Wor and I have shared a car since we got married and it was kind of a pain. Sure, we live 5 minutes away from both of our offices and from school. Sure, we have plenty of family and friends in the area that we could bum rides from if we really wanted to. Sure, we saved a heck of a lot on car insurance. But not having to schedule grocery store runs around when I need to pick Wor up is really nice. So here's what we got (don't ask me why the picture is so huge...I can't figure that out either):

Rachel and Ross got married in March. I was sick the whole time but luckily the rest of the family followed suit the day AFTER the wedding. Whew! Here is a picture of the lovely couple:

Our kitchen is being mostly remodeled this weekend! I will update with pictures of that soon!


  1. Of course I'd be happy to help you out with your blog. Just let me know!

    {And, having ridden in the new car, I give it two thumbs up. Even though Christian thinks giving two thumbs up is lame.}

  2. Thanks Mary! I am going to try and get it started up this summer.

  3. I admit, I love food blogs too. I only post a few recipes every now and then. Blogging about food always makes me hungry though.

  4. Yay for a blog update!!! Have you checked out our blog? I'll be updating it again this weekend and probably again next week with all of the lovely family events. It's