Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gender Update!

I really didn't mean to lie when I said I would update soon. I honestly still thought it was soon until I looked at a calendar. Where the heck did November go? Moving on...

It's a girl!

We are incredibly excited! Wor was determined we were having a girl since I told him I liked the name Lily and the middle name Ann. Ever since then I have not even been able to discuss the possibility of another name. He won't hear of it. I bring it up and he says "no, her name is Lily Ann." And yes people Ann is just the middle name, not to be used in connection to her first name at all times. There has been confusion about this part cough cough ATRIN. I am not huge on announcing a baby name before they are actually born but Becca kind of spilled the beans on that one. I think she was excited for her little namesake!

So far I have to say I am not a huge fan of being pregnant. OK so there probably aren't a lot of women who are but I have heard of some. I think if I didn't work or go to school I would like it a lot. Because then I could sleep all day which is all I want to do. When I am at school I fantasize about going home and sleeping instead of going to work. I have seriously considered clocking out at work and taking a nap right there on my keyboard. Here is an example:

Today I took the day off of work so I could write my 10 page paper that is due tomorrow. I get home from school about 11:30. I flop on my bed set my alarm clock for half and hour and sleep...I hit snooze a few times so in reality I don't get up until 12:30. I then go heat up my lunch because the only reason I stopped pressing snooze is that my stomach was literally hurting from hunger. I work for about an hour on my paper and then I decide another nap is called for. An hour later I wake up and go downstairs to get some Jello hoping that it will wake me up enough to work on my paper some more. It works...sort of. See I'm sitting here writing on the blog instead of actually writing my paper. And now all I want to do is fall asleep again...

Friends, relatives, websites and doctors have all promised me a burst of energy this trimester...





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  1. Congratulations! I can totally see Wor wanting nothing but a little girl. :) I hope you get some energy soon!!