Friday, April 22, 2011

First Bath

So Lily has had many baths in her first 6 weeks of life.
But today she got a REAL bath.
Why did she have to wait until today?
Because her cord didn't fall off until this morning- yeah we don't do anything the normal way around here.
Testament to that is that this week Wor got shingles.
His shingles got a staph infection.
Yeah my 28 year old husband got shingles- on his face- and then got staph.
All 3 of those things shouldn't happen together.
Or so says every doctor we have talked to this week.

Back to the bath.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sanity Savers

Sanity Saver #1- The automatic bouncy seat- yes I said automatic. I don't even have to hang my foot off the bed to bounce her in my sleep.
Sanity Saver #2- The Play Gym- Either she really liked it or she was confused by the really big whale hanging over her head. Dunno.
As soon as I took Lily off the gym Darcy decided it was his turn. He could actually reach the toys. I snapped the picture then the squirt bottle came out. So play gym maybe not so much a sanity saver when it comes to the cats

Cat Sanity Saver #1- Squirt Bottle

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Too Cute

Lily's is getting big SO fast!

Her cheeks are just getting so incredibly chubby. I mean it just look at them!

On Saturday we went to my parent's house so I could cut Wor's hair while we had a little help with Lily. Adam is such a cute uncle. He is always so helpful and sweet with both of his nieces. He was the only person home when we got to the house and he was supposed to be doing homework but he insisted on helping watch Lily while I cut Wor's hair. So Adam held Lily while doing his homework...isn't that just an adorable picture?
He is gonna be such a good Daddy someday!

We got to webchat with Wor's grandma in Bangkok tonight. After we got off Lily was acting a little hungry but before I could start feeding her she decided to start sucking her thumb...or she tried to suck her thumb. It was pretty cute. After several failed attempts at catching it in a picture we gave up and went to video.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 4

We are into the 4th week with Lily and it has been busy!

Grandma Younce fell while playing basketball on Monday and broke her arm so me and Lily have been spending lots of time over at her house helping out. Lily has been great even though she has had to spend more time in her car seat than normal.

Baby girl has been spending lots more time wide awake. She really likes the hours of 11pm to 2am- Mommy does not.

Wor and I find ourselves laying on the bed in the evenings just staring at her. We talk about how perfect she is and how much we love her. I don't think either of us imagined parenthood being quite like this- I can't speak for Wor but I think being a parent is just about the best thing in the world.