Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Choices

I'm going to blog what I am thinking about these days: hotels. I am torn on where to stay for our trip to Bankok. Should we go super duper cheap? Its definitely possible to go cheap in Thailand. Or should we stay in a nicer place and just splurge? Here are my three choices I have narrowed it down to:

Silom Village Inn- It is a small, older hotel that is the backbone for a small "village" of shops and restaurants that apparently lets you feel like you are in a village instead of the heart of bangkok. Many of the rooms overlook the village. It is about $46 a night.

Narai Hotel- Good location. Rooms are a bit more updated than the Silom Village Inn. Breakfast is included. Nothing really sets the place apart. About $60 a night.

Centre Point Silom- Very nice and updated. A kitchenette is included in every room. There is a an American supermarket in the basement of the hotel which would be excellent. We could walk to the water ferry from the hotel as it is right off of the river. The reviews say that there is a washer and dryer in the kitchen though nothing is listed. Price with breakfast buffet included is $87 a night.

Anyone want to help me narrow it down?


  1. I would pick the Silom Village Inn, since it sounds very cute and dainty. Or I'd go with the Centre Point Silom since that sounds like a pretty sweet hotel for only $87 a night! Good luck!

    1. Could you do the Centre Point Silom without the breakfast buffet for cheaper? I'd probably pick that one...after all, how often will you be able to visit Thailand?

  2. Here are my thoughts: in a country I'd never been to before, with a baby, I'd take the Centre Point Silom. The kitchenette, American supermarket, location near the ferry, breakfast buffet and possible washer/dryer sound like they're worth the price. If I had older children, or if I was going just with adults, I might stay at a hotel that had more charm and fewer updates.

    Either way, I think you'll make a great choice. I can't wait to hear all about it!

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