Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The List

Wor and I made the decision last week that we are going to actively prepare to move to a new home. We want to be settled in a place where Lily can play outside and where we can spread out and not feel cluttered. We want to move to a home where we can stay forever if necessary. The only thing standing in the way of us fulfilling that dream is for us to sell our condo. And it is NOT ready to sell. We want to have it on the market in May...YIKES! So the following is the list of things we need to do in the next 2 months:

Finish painting the hallway- that this was started a year ago and never finished- note that this is a pattern in our home makeover attempts.

Finish painting the upstairs bathroom but in a neutral color.

Install crown moulding in the upstairs bath to hide the horrible seam between the walls and ceiling.

Paint the bathroom doors

Replace all door knobs in the house

Fix closet doors so they stay on their tracks

Replace ceiling light fixtures to ones that aren't from the 70's

Replace the bathroom fan/light

Plant flowers and put a few nice looking chairs on the patio

This list may seem pretty small but I am now working between 10-20 hours a week from home which takes up all the time I used to use folding laundry- forget about painting a wall. Driving around neighborhoods we want to move into is our motivation!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lunch at the Park

Last week we had some incredibly beautiful days here in Raleigh and Lily and I took full advantage of them. One of the days Wor decided to join us for a picnic lunch at the newly renovated Pullen Park. It was awesome to get to see Wor in the middle of the day and Lily was in a better mood than normal- meaning she was in a super duper good mood- the rest of the day after seeing her Daddy.
We picked a spot next to the Carousel to eat our lunch and Lily had a blast watching it go round and round. After we ate Wor decided to take her for a close up look and she just stared at it enthralled.

It was a lovely day that followed a few really rough weeks for me as a Mom. It was really great to be reminded how wonderful my little family is and that our lives really are awesome.