Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The List

Wor and I made the decision last week that we are going to actively prepare to move to a new home. We want to be settled in a place where Lily can play outside and where we can spread out and not feel cluttered. We want to move to a home where we can stay forever if necessary. The only thing standing in the way of us fulfilling that dream is for us to sell our condo. And it is NOT ready to sell. We want to have it on the market in May...YIKES! So the following is the list of things we need to do in the next 2 months:

Finish painting the hallway- that this was started a year ago and never finished- note that this is a pattern in our home makeover attempts.

Finish painting the upstairs bathroom but in a neutral color.

Install crown moulding in the upstairs bath to hide the horrible seam between the walls and ceiling.

Paint the bathroom doors

Replace all door knobs in the house

Fix closet doors so they stay on their tracks

Replace ceiling light fixtures to ones that aren't from the 70's

Replace the bathroom fan/light

Plant flowers and put a few nice looking chairs on the patio

This list may seem pretty small but I am now working between 10-20 hours a week from home which takes up all the time I used to use folding laundry- forget about painting a wall. Driving around neighborhoods we want to move into is our motivation!


  1. John and I will take:
    -Paint the bathroom doors
    -Finish painting the upstairs bathroom
    on Monday after my test. (He'll be on spring break). I'll be missing a lecture on Human Sexually for this so you better have snacks!

  2. We are painting the bathroom this weekend but we have the hallway to finish and I am guessing at least one bathroom as we have to paint a bunch of layers on top of a dark coat. Yall are awesome and I will have snacks. Don't feel like you have to miss school for us though!

  3. Yeah, for working from home! I am glad to hear you sound something! Good luck sprucing up the place and hooray for a house and room for playing1

  4. Good luck! Naps will be the best time you can get most of that done! We found a house here near Buffaloe Road and 540. If you need a good real estate agent, Dru McClelland with Coldwell Banker Advantage worked wonders for us.

  5. We just made the same choice. I am SO excited to move. We are going to rent out our townhouse though because at the moment we would sell it for less than we bought it and we have improved it. You might want to consider it. Also we love Sheri Alo, normally I shy away from using people you know for stuff like this but she helped us buy this house and I feel like she treats us really well and never tries to take advantage of us. Good luck!!

    PS. Because I feel like a stalker, this is actually the first time I've ever read your blog.

  6. Rachel- we met with Sheri on Saturday. We would rent but she thinks we can get about what we have paid for it and we have quite a bit of equity in our place that we need for a down payment on the next. Where are y'all moving to?