Monday, March 5, 2012

Lunch at the Park

Last week we had some incredibly beautiful days here in Raleigh and Lily and I took full advantage of them. One of the days Wor decided to join us for a picnic lunch at the newly renovated Pullen Park. It was awesome to get to see Wor in the middle of the day and Lily was in a better mood than normal- meaning she was in a super duper good mood- the rest of the day after seeing her Daddy.
We picked a spot next to the Carousel to eat our lunch and Lily had a blast watching it go round and round. After we ate Wor decided to take her for a close up look and she just stared at it enthralled.

It was a lovely day that followed a few really rough weeks for me as a Mom. It was really great to be reminded how wonderful my little family is and that our lives really are awesome.

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