Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear Future Lily

Dear Future Lily:

You are so beautiful and sweet.  Everyone you come into contact with is instantly charmed by whatever mood you are in.  Even your grumpy "don't touch me" face wins you lots of loving attention. I want you to know just how adorable you are so here is what you are doing now:

-      You learned to walk at 12.5 months. 
-       You walk with your little (big) belly poking out in an almost waddle.
-       You are still bald in front but you are forming quite a mullet in the back
-       You LOVE broccoli but also like green beans, asparagus, brussel sprouts, peas, cucumbers, snap peas and really any green vegetable we put in your eyesight.
-       You started to take a bottle now and your preferred method of intake is to walk around drinking it while exploring.
-       You love to sway and bounce to music.
-       When you get grumpy we put you beside a pile of books and you surround yourself with them and read them with the most adorable expression on your beautiful little face.
-       Your best friend is Brooklyn
-       If Brooklyn takes something from you try to bite or pinch her (not so good).
-       You love to use your little singing voice when you are happy.
-       If we say “say cheese” you scrunch your entire face up in a squishy little smile.
-       You gabber on in your own little language but you can say a few words (shoe, eye, that).
-       You like to eat on the run.
-       You are in love with your “Banky” and will cuddle it when you are sleepy, sad or just need a little comforting reassurance.
-       You drag your Banky around with you.  Sometimes it is wrapped around your shoulders, sometimes its swung over your shoulder and sometimes you drag it from the front and trip all over it.
-       You like to stuff as many goldfish in your mouth as possible before chewing, we call it your chipmunk face.
-       If we hand you a cell phone that is not connected to a call you put it to your ear and go “hi” in a cute high pitched voice and then gabber on to an imaginary person.  If someone is on the phone and talks you do your tickled smile and push it away.
-       Recently you are very curious with how people snap and you move your fingers like you are snapping but of course that takes a little too much coordination for you right now. 

 This is you on your first weekend walking.  We took you to Pullen Park to practice.
 You and Brooklyn love to play at her new house.  You especially love to explore her new porch.
 Daddy was showing you a duck for the first time in this picture.  It took off and skimmed across the water and you thought it was amazing.
 I just wanted you to have a picture to blackmail Brooklyn with someday.
 Your first trip to Pei Wei.  You loved your lo mein.
 We brought the baby pool out on a hot day and didn't have swim diapers.  Your diapers almost exploded and you ended up running around completely naked.  I think that diaper weighed more than you did when you were born.
 You got a little thirsty.
Wearing your Thai outfit during your trip to Norfolk for Thai New Years.

You make us smile and laugh everyday.  We love to comfort you and to play with you and show you how much we love you.  Because we love you very much and are so glad you are ours.

Mommy and Daddy.

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  1. Love this post! Almost brought tears to my eyes.