Monday, May 28, 2012

The Sticky, Splashy Memorial Day

We have had a really wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  The past few months have been incredibly busy with a few weekend trips to see Wor's family, constant home improvement projects, lots of paper work and decision making and not a whole lot of time for fun.  This weekend was just what the doctor ordered.  

We decided to spend the weekend at my parents house because our house is currently picture perfect and I want to keep it like that in case we have a showing.  So far we have had 2 and those sent me into panic mode.  I think a 3 day weekend would have ruined our clean little home.  

 We spent the weekend splashing in the pool both at Grandma's house and at the YMCA.

 Eating sticky popsicles with Cousin Brooklyn.

Reading the Sunday paper.
And doing away with a Nectarine a day (all by herself each time!)

As far as the highlights of the weekend for Wor and I:

- I ate at least 3 BBQ sandwiches
- Wor played as many games of whatever he wanted with my brothers
- We went on our first morning of new home tours together and we definitely surprised each other with our attitudes towards the process

As the weekend ends we are trying to avoid going home as long as possible so we don't mess things up (this doesn't mean we are trashing my moms place!  I am just afraid to even use a dish at our place at the moment).