Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thailand Photo Dump Part 1

The thing that keeps me from making blog posts is my lack of confidence with writing.  I never know what to say and often I end up phrasing it fairly awkwardly.  My solution to this when it comes to Thailand posts is to do photo dumps with captions.  

 This is Lola and Lily and Hua Hin (a beach town fairly close to Bangkok).  I never made it down to the beach there as I choose to sleep instead (jet lag with a toddler is rough).
 I am pretty sure this is bowl number 3 of whatever noodle he was eating.  He just couldn't be stopped. 
 The afternoon after we arrived Lily and I were able to meet Khunya for the first time.  She is a lovely lady.  I wasn't able to communicate very well with her but I didn't need words to feel her love. 
 This is the whole gang from dinner that first night.  
 Before we contemplated this vacation I was pretty anti-leash.  But when it came down to it I knew that Lily would want and need to walk around while we were out and about in Thailand.  It relieved a few of my crazy worries to know she was on a tether and couldn't wander far and run away through busy crowds.  We got some strange looks but honestly who cares.  She loved that thing, dragging it out when she wasn't wearing it and we had to hide it away when we got home or she wanted to wear it constantly.  
We were so glad to be able to spend time with Khunya while we were in Thailand.  We are told that her spirits were lifted so much when we were there and after our trip.  We were really glad that she was able to meet her only great-grandchild.  

 Lola and Myself outside a "retro market"

This market was in what used to be an old train station.  It was fun to walk around after Lily recovered from her full-blown melt down that occurred when I attempted to leave her in the air-conditioned van with Wor. 

Pretty fun looking place but not a whole lot we wanted to spend money on. 

 Just so you know behind each photo is this scene of hot, tired, yet still happy people. 
 This is a pretty realistic representation of how we looked about 80% of the vacation.  Hot, confused and waiting for someone to point me in the right direction.

 We were a very stylish bunch during this particular outing.