Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas!

We spent a great Christmas at my parents house this past week. It was full of baking, game playing, reading Christmas stories, watching movies and most importantly...eating! There are a few pictures below, however, keep in mind that I was at the mercy of my sister with pictures because as usual I left my camera at home.

Here Bingley is, enjoying the Christmas tree before presents got piled around.

Ross playing with the boys new air soft guns...Wor got one too...he can't wait to try it out!

Our traditional kids stair picture, complete with all pets but Summer who ran off right before the picture.

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I will include a recipe that I made for Christmas eve...it was very yummy. The recipe is based on one from Smitten Kitchen, a lovely food blog that I suggest you check out. I used my own torte recipe in this which is from Williams-Sonoma. Everything besides the torte is the same as the recipe from Smitten Kitchen.