Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok so we finally got the cord for my camera last night and now I can post some oh so cute pictures of our new baby kittens.


Mr. Darcy (front) and Mr. Bingley (back)

So those pictures were taken the night we got them and they have bulked up a litte (or a lot in Bingley's case). They are cute, sweet and full of trouble. We are having to use baby gates and boxes all over the place to keep them out of things.

So besides kittens, in my free time (typically not much of it) I have been reading Julie and Julia and have to say I am sorely disappointed in this book. The author has the most awful sailors mouth ever and has the mind of a teenage boy hopped up on hormones. I honestly wonder how anyone could see this as a good movie making book. I will, however, see the movie because I have formed an attachment to Julia Child (and her wonderful pie crust recipe) and no director in their right minds would have stuck to the story that this lady wrote. Not to mention I have heard that Meryle Streep is absolutely wonderful in it. But if it disappoints me as much as the book has, I will surely let you know.


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