Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brussel Sprouts

Yes, brussel sprouts may seem like an odd title for a blogpost.
Yes, most people consider them gross, disgusting and a wee bit odd.

Yes, all of you brussel sprout haters are incredibly wrong.

Let me myself, as a little child you had a mound of little cabbage looking things placed in front of you at the dinner table. You think "oh cute, baby cabbages!" Then you take one bite choke and decide that baby cabbages are never entering your mouth again. When asking my dad, the least picky man in the world, about them this morning he completely agreed that they were gross. So brussel sprouts had never entered my mouth until yesterday. The thing is, last weekend while at the grocery store I saw a bag of little raw brussle sprouts. THEY WEREN'T FROZEN! I did not know such things existed. So I decided that I must try them. So last night I decided that we were gonna eat them and even if we did not like them that the rest of the meal would keep me from entering into culinary dismay for the night. So I made them...and you know what. They were darn good. I mean do you remember the bitterness of the little frozen ones that your mom nuked for a few minutes before throwing a little salt on and serving? Well these were like a completely different vegetable. They were nutty and not a bit bitter. The reason: they weren't frozen, no idea why but hey I will not complain about it. So I have included two recipes below. One for brussel sprouts and one for tilapia en papillote (the meal redeeming recipe). Enjoy!

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Rinse, trim and halve 1lb brussel sprouts. On a large baking sheet toss sprouts with olive oil to coat, salt and cracked pepper. Bake at 375 for about 30 min or until tender and begining to brown. Eat while pipping hot!

Tilapia en Papillote aka tilapia in parchment paper pockets

2 Tilapia Filets

1 Lemon

2 Tbsp butter

salt and pepper to taste

Cut 2 strips of parchment paper so they are about an 3 inches wider than your filets. Place each filet in the middle of the strip and top with lemon slices the butter and seasonings. Pull the parchment paper up and start folding it down until you reach the fish, make a nice firm crease. Fold each side in so that they are firmly creased and close to the fish. Bake on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 min. Open packets and dig in.

Watch for more recipes, I will be testing some holiday ones soon.

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