Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Lately

So I have blogged about a few random things but not really about anything going on in our life. So here is my attempt to do so:

Wor is still working for Webassign and recently got promoted (yay)! He seems to be enjoying himself there and it is nice to have him working close to campus and to home. We are in the nursery at church and Wor is really enjoying it. I think he secretly likes to play with the trains and cars more than the little kids do. He is such a little kid at heart, he loves to play with my little brothers and sometimes I have to remind the boys AND Wor that its not the time or place to tackle each other into a wall.

I have been working and in school. As finals draw nearer I keep wanting to concentrate on Christmas instead of school. Hence why every single Christmas present has been bought and most wrapped and not a single final paper has been started. But in my defense I also have dozens of recipes to make and I have resisted doing so. I have had fun helping Rachel with wedding plans and even just looking at wedding stuff. Planning my own wedding was really not all that fun for me, but helping other people with their weddings is a blast for me.

Well anyways, that's whats going on in the Thongthai household...I know a post without mention of some 4 legged fluffy things named after Austen characters. SHOCKING!

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